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The Pearl 2

A good vibrator can make legs tremble in delight and excitement. However, not all vibrators are made equal, thus not all vibrators are as good as each other. When it comes to Kiiroo toys, though, you can be sure to get the best sensual satisfaction from their vibrators.

The Pearl 2 by Kiiroo is a G-Spot vibrator that is designed to interact specifically with the Kiiroo Onyx 2, which is a masturbator for men. You can have it for solo play or enjoy it with your partner. This toy is curved purposefully to maximise pleasure and provide a more satisfying stimulation of the G-Spot areas.  With its touch sensitive technology, it is also ideal for long distance relationship couples. Distant couples can enjoy sexual satisfaction with this technology and via internet connection.

The Design

The Pearl 2 has a length of approximately 7.9 inches. Its outer shell is silicone and its compact. The material, design, and its built makes it easy to insert and it provides a pleasant sense of fullness. At the bottom part of the toy, you can find the charging port.

Features and Functions

To turn on the toy, you press the power button down for three to five seconds. A blue light will indicate that it’s on and in Bluetooth mode. White light indicates it is in the touch sensitive mode. It has seven vibration patterns, which comes in pulses or vibrations or pulses and vibrations together at the same time. The toy is powered by a lithium battery that could last for an hour, and its charging time is about two hours.

What’s great about the Pearl 2 is that it can be used with other Kiiroo toys. When connected, Pearl 2 and the other pair vibrator will be in sync with each other. This provides you and your partner pleasure even when you are not together in the same room. You’ll have real time sensations with actions that are generated by your partner.

The Pearl 2 has seven modes that include two different patterns and three speeds. It also includes the Bluetooth interactive mode and the touch sensitive mode. For a solo session, you can pair the Pearl 2 with an interactive content.

Material and Care

The Pearl 2 is made of high quality silicone that is completely safe. We always recommend that you use a good water-based lubricant or toy cleaner. It is easier and safe to clean these toys using water-based lubricants, and it will not damage the silicone. Never use other types of cleaners especially with silicone, oil-based substances and massage oils.

Just like other dildos, it is best to clean your Pearl 2 with warm water and a mild soap or a toy cleaner.  Soaking or submerging the toy while cleaning is not recommended. Once the toy is completely dry, store it in a cool dry place where there is no direct sunlight.