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Pornography: Viewed from two sides

Pornography is derived from the Greek word for “pornē”, which means lower sex workers who are prostitutes. The prostitutes at the time were probably female slaves or women of war prisoners. At that time, female slaves and prisoners of war were subjected to sexual exploitation, including rape and sexual exploitation, along with domestic work for male masters.

When they discovered the Roman ruins of Pompeii, the excavation teams were amazed at the obscenity depicted in the artifacts. In other words, from the beginning of civilization, men have recorded sexual experiences and have been drawing the most deliberate obscenity to this day through paintings, photographs, movies, video and computer media. The civilization that has been spread and transcended over time and space as the fastest man in human history is the invention of pornography. Among the current film industry, pornography is also booming, with cutting-edge 3D movie production. So far, the main consumer segment of porn movies is naturally referred to as ‘adult men’.

Porn became a bigger boom when it was incorporated into the industrial structure of photography, magazines, videos and movies, adult cams such as Teen cams and many more, and today the market is about $ 182 billion. In the United States, adult heterosexual men have emerged as mainstream consumers of pornographic movies, including pornographic magazines such as Playboy, and various versions of porn have emerged to suit their needs. More than 90% of US pornography is produced in the San Pornand Valley, a so-called “pornographic valley” of the US porn industry. Japan is as much a porn industry boom as the United States, and is leading the giant porn industry by producing AV (Adult Video) series and porn animation. The common feature of these two countries is that they are oriented toward neoliberal policies and transnational capitalism. Another common point is that pornographic actresses are attracting a lot of popularity, and American porn stars Sasha Gray, Audrey Hollander, Japanese Aoi Sora, and Hara Saori are not just popular actors, they also receive a lot of guarantees.

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