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Let’s first define one-night stands before we go into the article properly.

A one-night stand can be best be defined as the sexual encounter that is devoid of any emotional commitment with near to zero guarantees of the people involved seeing each other again.

Don’t raise your hopes into thinking all one night stands are fun. Awkward exchanges, walks of shame, the sobering morning after — your attempt to have a carefree, fun night can backfire. “While spontaneity can spice up the sexual realm, an eyes-wide-open approach combined with pre-planning can help with decision making,”

These tips will help you with handling one night stand properly.

Don’t ever act desperate.

To simplify what I mean: Don’t ever plan a one-night stand – with the expectation that it will happen, this will end up clouding your judgement on whom you want to leave with. A perfect night of sex comes from great chemistry, which is hard to build.  As an individual don’t be desperate to go home with anyone, rather you should have it in mind that you want a splendid night and that should be your target.

Don’t always expect to meet a stranger.

Part of the beauty of a one-night stand can be the expectation of getting laid with someone you just met. In many cases, however, in some cases, people end up getting someone they already know. “While one-nighters are often associated with strangers hooking up, one-nighters can happen amongst workmates, friends, and even ex-partners are not exempted.

Be safe.

I know this will sound dull but the truth is sex with strangers can be dangerous. Throwing caution to the wind and being caught up in the moment can make for some potentially unwieldy decisions. To avoid any major issues, talk with every sexual partner about STDs and use protection. As weird as it may seem, it’s also a good idea to exchange information in case something, such as an infection or pregnancy, comes up later. Other less talked about safety considerations include letting a friend know where you are and how you can get home.

Discuss boundaries.

Great sex requires communication, whether with a partner of years or hours. Ask what their sexual boundaries are, whether they feel comfortable, what feels good and not so good, what they want less or more of, and if there is anything they’d like to know about you.

And lastly, Sex toys are also good for a one-night stand, as it will enhance good sex. Most ladies hardly orgasm in a one-night stand, if you are a guy use sex toys like a dildo, vibrator to help her reach orgasm and with that singular act, you will be the guy that stands out.