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How To Mention Penis Enlargement To Your Partner

If you’ve been unhappy with the size of your penis for quite some time now and have been looking into penis enlargement options, you’re probably wondering how you should bring the topic up with your partner.

Many men considering penis enlargement often have normal size penises to begin with, but since each man has his own idea of what his penis should ideally look like, penis enlargement has become quite common.

Penis enlargement options

While there are many pills, creams and supplements out there that promise to give you a larger penis, none of these are actually effective. So, what options are actually worthwhile?

CALIBRE has an answer to the question of how to enlarge your penis safely and effectively.

CALIBRE penis injections can instantly increase the size of your penis without the harmful side effects of surgery or the many expensive products on the market today.

Discussing penis enlargement with your partner

Many men tend to start their penis enlargement journey before they discuss it with their partners as they don’t quite know how to approach the subject.

Before you discuss the option of penis enlargement with your partner, find a clinic that specialises in penis enlargement injections. Use your consultation to get as much information as possible on the procedure so that you have everything you need to discuss it with your partner.

Aim to discuss your decision with your partner directly after your consultation so that you’re in the right mindset and the information is still fresh in your mind.

In general, partners are very supportive of the decision to go ahead with penis enlargement using fillers, mostly because it’s non-invasive and very safe and effective. Unlike penis enlargement surgery, there’s no downtime involved with penis injections and the risk of complications and side effects are far lower.

Before you speak to your partner about your decision, be clear about why you want to do it as sometimes people can take offense to the idea of their partner wanting to be bigger when they haven’t complained.

Choosing to enlarge your penis

One of the main benefits of using fillers to enlarge your penis is that the results are not permanent and they can be reversed. This gives you a great opportunity to enlarge the size of your penis and decide whether it’s something you want to continue doing. Your partner may even find that they prefer your larger size too.

Remember that this is a personal decision and if the size of your penis is going to continue affecting your self-esteem and your confidence in the bedroom, it’s worth looking into options such as the CALIBRE technique.

Whatever you decide, if you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s always best to discuss your decision with your partner before you go ahead. You may even want to bring your partner along to your consultation if their opinion is really important to you and to make this comfortable process for the both of you.