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Female Sex-Drive – Why Your Woman Never Wants To Make Love To You

The reality is that female sexual desire (or women’s LIBIDO) is a great mystery for most men and for many of the so-called ‘sex experts’.

Many sex experts like to make it seem like a big problem because then they can be paid to give advice to couples week after week, month after month on how to improve their non-existent or painfully unsatisfactory sex lives.

Fortunately for you, I discovered this.

I know that women want a LOT of sex.

And I know what makes women not want much sex.

Do you want me to explain these SECRETS about female sexual desire?

Ok, I’ll share …


If you only remove one thing from this article, do it like this:

-the only way to maintain the sexual impulse of a HIGH woman in a long-term relationship by giving her a good SEX.

-It’s that easy.

Women who are experiencing good sex with their men want a LOT of sex.

It makes sense, right?

So, the most important reason why your wife’s sexual desire is not as high as she would like it to be is because she does not give so much SEXUAL SATISFACTION when she has sex with you, as she wanted.

However, there are other factors (and not only bad bad sex) that can negatively affect a woman’s libido.

The greatest of these factors is when a person does something to make his wife lose RESPECT for him. Respect is essential for good sex to happen. You must respect your wife and she must respect you.

Even if you have SEXUAL relationships with your wife, you can make your sexual desire come down to doing something that will destroy the mutual respect that is so necessary in a successful sexual relationship.

So, to maintain a high level of your wife, there is a two-step process:

-Give him BIG SEX

To give you good sex, this is what you should do:

-Give him a lot of prelude

-Speak dirty (very dirty) with her

-Experience a lot of new things in the bedroom and do it regularly

-Give vaginal orgasms

Vaginal orgasms are the most important thing on this list. In fact, VAGINAL ORGASMS = BIG SEX.

If you do not give vaginal orgasms to your wife, she will not think that sex is good and her sexual desire will not be high. Period. Also watch some latest indian porn videos to get more ideas

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