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Tinder: New Way of Finding Jobs? Dating Merchant Account

Dating apps might not be the most conventional form of networking:there’s a growing tendency among young professionals to turn to these apps to boost their careers. Are you an adult merchant interested in an exceptional dating merchant account? Do you want to know more about this topic?

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Using Dating Apps to Find a Job

People are eager to find a leg up in their career. Since, the world of online dating is a fine social leveler, it opens up new opportunities for people looking for a job. Young professionals are now using every means available to find a job. Dating apps like Tinder aren’t an exception.

Dating apps like Match.com, Tinder, and OKCupid, as well as websitesto network and land a job are becoming more and more common. Some users hope that their dates will bring them job offers or business propositions.

So, dating sites are branching out into the job market. Several former Tinder executives have recently developed Ripple, which aims to become a LinkedIn competitor. As you know, the latter is the most famous social media site for professional networking. Besides, in 2017, Bumble introduced Bumble Bizz designed for making professional connections.

Philip Van Nostrand, a 37-year-oldprofessional photographer from New York City, is one of the users of Tinder or Bumble to meet new woman. As he notes, after a few dates, his romantic encounters increasingly resulted in new business opportunities.

According to Nostrand, people always know other people and are willing to recommend him.Nostrand talks about his job with daters and has already gotten 10 jobs over the past 4 years via dating apps.


Dating or Finding a Job? What About a Dating Merchant Account?

Finding jobs through dating apps isn’t the only side of the issue: you can also see the opposite happening. Lots of people nowadays are looking for love in corners of the internet where love isn’t meant to be.

Strangers are making connections on Spotify using their music playlists. The same is also happening on Instagram: connections are being made through pictures and hashtags. As for Facebook, the company has recently launched a service for single people to create dating profiles and make connections via local events and private chats.

What about you, as an adult merchant? Are you focused on growing your business and need a reliable and affordable dating merchant account? You can open it by turning to a reputable merchant account provider that specializes in the high risk field. Work with a processor that offers the lowest rates and the most reasonable terms in the industry so to enjoy the best for your business.

Given nearly 300 million people worldwide using online dating sites, it’s natural that some of them arelooking for a professional relationship rather than a romantic one.Today, millennials are turning to dating appsto boost their increasingly freelance careers.

According to Megan Bruneau, M.A., a therapist and life coach, the less dating apps become stigmatized, the more people will use them:this is a growing industry.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas co-founded eMerchantBroker, serving both traditional and high-risk merchants by offering a dating merchant account and other merchant services. His passions include producing music and traveling.