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Countries Where Sex Toys Are Illegal

To most people in the world, owning a sex toy is completely normal. However, did you know that there are countries where sex toys are illegal? That’s right! Some countries consider adult toys to be obscene. As a result, they are grouped together with other pornographic materials which, in some countries, are illegal by law. In some places, you might even end up in jail for owning a vibrator or realistic silicone dildo! Therefore, it is a smart idea to check out the rules for your next holiday destination if you’re planning to take an exciting and romantic trip abroad with the person you love. We all know that summer is the time for love, but nobody wants to explain to their parents why they are stuck in a foreign jail for ‘’smuggling’’ a fake dick into a country! This is why we have listed down these 7 countries for you where sex toys are illegal.


Let’s start off our list with one of the most popular holiday destinations among young backpackers. Thailand is a cheap country filled with fun, adventure, and delicious food. And although it is often seen by young people as the party paradise of South East Asia, there is one thing you have to keep in mind – sex toys are illegal! The local culture is quite traditional resulting in sexual items and imagery to be banned. Therefore, it’s a good idea to think twice whether to take your beloved adult toy the next time you’re about to leave for an adventures break to this tropical country. If you get caught with an adult toy in your bag when entering the country, chances are high that it will be taken away from you.


Another beautiful and popular holiday destination in South East Asia is Vietnam. This country is filled with history, culture, amazing food, and stunning landscapes. On top of that, the local people are some of the most friendly people you’re ever going to meet in your life. Although the country sees a lot of Western tourism, the culture of the people themselves is still very traditional. This results in the fact that some items that are considered to be normal in the West are not allowed in Vietnam. And as you might have guessed by now, one of such items are adult toys. When you try to enter the country with a sex toy in your bag, customs officials are forced to take it away from you. Unlike all other countries on this list, however, Vietnam does give back your adult toy the day you exit the country.


Another South East Asian country where sex toys are illegal in Malaysia. This country is a popular holiday destination for tourists around the globe who are looking for beautiful nature, spicy food, and modern cities. And although it has many hideouts for romantic loving couples, there is one thing you have to keep in mind; in Malaysia, it’s illegal to own sex toys. According to the Malaysian Penal Code, it is illegal not only to own but also to sell and distribute any obscene items such as sex toys. And unlike Vietnam and Thailand where the consequences are pretty mild, Malaysia actually enforces a strict law. When you get caught with a sex toy or any pornographic material, you can face imprisonment of up to 3 years. So if you’re traveling to Malaysia, make sure to think twice before bringing along your adult toys.


Famous for their stunning blue waters, spotless white beaches, and stunning coral reefs. The Maldives is a popular holiday destination for people who love to take a relaxing break abroad. In fact, it is one of the most popular Honeymoon destinations for young couples who just got married. If, however, you’re planning to get romantic while spending your time in the Maldives, there is one thing you have to keep in mind. Sex toys are illegal! Just like in Malaysia, any type of obscene and pornographic material is banned. Therefore, when you get caught trying to take your adult toys into the country, chances are high that they’ll be taken away from you and you’ll never see them again.


For the people who love culture, history, and food, India truly is a perfect holiday destination. This country has thousands of years of history and unlimited culture for you to enjoy. It all comes with a dazzling mix of people, all with their own traditions and surrounded by stunning landscapes. But although the society itself may be vibrant, you won’t be feeling the pleasure of any vibrating toys while spending your days in India. The reason? Sex toys are illegal according to the Indian Penal Code. The law in India is, however, a bit hazier compared to those of other countries. In India, an adult toy is only illegal when it actually looks like the private parts of a man or woman. Whereas normal looking wand massagers may be legal, realistic dildos and sex dolls are not.

Saudi Arabia

If you love adventure and the Middle East, then Saudi Arabia is a perfect holiday destination for you. This country comes with stunning desert landscapes, ancient tombs, buzzing bazaars, and truly mind-blowing diving opportunities. The country offers unlimited fun and excitement for the adventurous people among us, however, it has to be understood that certain types of ‘’fun’’ are not allowed. Take sex toys, for example. Saudi Arabia has a complete ban on adult toys and trying to bring one into the country can get you into real trouble. The reason why sex toys are illegal in Saudi Arabia lies in the fact that they are banned under Islamic Law. As a result, a person may not possess any sexual items including toys, videos, or even pictures. When you get caught with an adult toy in your bag trying to cross the border, it is highly likely to be taken away from you.

United Arab Emirates

We’ve all seen pictures and heard stories about places like Dubai before. With their modern cities filled with huge buildings and elite hotels this country truly gives a modern and Western impression. Nevertheless, you should not forget that the UAE actually is, just like Saudi Arabia, a very traditional Islamic country that puts high importance on its morals and values. As a result, certain items such as sex toys are banned. Not only are they almost impossible to find inside the country itself, but you also are not allowed to bring them along with you as a tourist. When you get caught, your toys will be taken away from you and destroyed.

Final Note:

The seven countries listed above all have a ban on adult toys. Although these are the 7 countries we know about, it has to be understood that it’s very difficult to come up with a complete list of countries where sex toys are illegal. Therefore, before heading out on your next spring or summer holiday, we highly advise you to check the customs website of this country before entering it. If you want to travel to a country where sex toys are illegal but still want to bring along your adult toy, we’d advise you to keep it discreet. Bring along a small toy that doesn’t actually look like it is anything sexual. However, if you really don’t want to get yourself into trouble, it’s better just to leave it at home!

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