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Best Bucks Party Ideas 2020!

Want to take your mates to a place that they enjoy their hearts out. We have got you covered. At Ivy Models, we organize the best Bucks Party Ideasat unbelievable quotes.

All you have to do is to select how you want to spend your day. Below we enlist the options that are available for you!

  1. Go-Karting: Do you want to take your mates to a speeding ride and see who win the battle? Then take them to the ultimate go-karting battle ground where you can enjoy your hearts out. You can take up to 30 friends along for this 2 hour long fun battle.
  2. Clay Target Shooting: It is time for you to shoot those targets out with your mates. Go for this ultra-adventurous and fun shooting game for 2 hours and see who emerges as a champion.
  3. Professional Poker: Well, who does not poker and that too for an over night scene. All you have to do is to book your exclusive space at Ivy Models and we make sure to deliver an experience like never before.
  4. Local Brewery Walk: Want to see where your drinks come from. Let us go for a tour there. Take your mates and make a memorable trip to the local brewery around. Have a light day with some exploration and drinks as bonus.
  5. Golf: You can play golf with your friends and enjoy the evening out. Keep your evenings smart and healthy by playing with your mates on the field. Also, see who the best man in golf is!
  6. Jet Boating: Want to test the waters for some fun? Here is your chance to go for a fun water sports with your ma So are you ready to get wet and happy? Also, get amazing pictures from the crew of Ivy Models who is there to support you.
  7. Helicopter Tours: Want to plan a romantic or alone get away for everyone in the group, then helicopter tours might be the best choice for you. All you have to do is to book the ride and go for an evening life never before. This is one experience you should sure invest in.

The above are just a few examples of what we do at Ivy Models. You can bundle the above awesome party serviceswith more fun activities and packages that we have to offer and enjoy the party with your mates and loved ones.

So do not wait any more! Just choose and book now.

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