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Best 10 sex dolls in 2019

Sex dolls appeared a long time ago, even when they did not even hear about materials such as rubber and silicone. Inflatable dolls from the “past century” have not gone away. In the sex doll shop it is still quite popular, as it is affordable and does not take up much space. They are often bought as a comic gift for bachelor parties and birthdays. The main difference between realistic sex dolls from inflatable ones is that the “realistic” is as close as possible to a real woman.

What is a modern sex doll?

Thanks to the hidden metal skeleton with movable joints inside the modern toysthey are able to take different poses. Not every sex shop can afford at least one copy. Realistic dolls are expensive, and for their placement requires a lot of free space – the growth of some full-size models reaches 170 centimeters, and weight – 50-55 kilograms. That is why there are specialized shops, such as Charlie sex doll Shop, where you can come, look at the dolls live, touch and immediately buy the one you like.

What is their difference from static models?

There are sex dolls who even know how to talk and do some manipulations for the pleasure of the owner. To date, serious developments in the industry of robotic sex dolls are conducted in just a few countries – in the United States, Japan and China. Great success achieved in America. They made a robot doll that can communicate like Siri from Apple. There are also visual effects (facial expressions and mobility), although only the neck moves so far. These toys are among the most expensive. In more budget models also embed with different electronic sensors. Artificial girlfriend can moan, there is a heated body, wet vagina etc.

Quality of the skin

Many believe that they are made of rubber or latex. Do they feel much different from real skin? The main raw material for the production of best sex doll is medical silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Both materials are very realistic both visually and in terms of tactile sensations. Each has its pros and cons. TPE is more in demand due to its softness and reasonable price. Many famous brands make it realistic toys (vagina-masturbators, dildos), calling it cyber skin, but this is all a marketing ploy. Due to the porous structure, the TPE cannot be disinfected to 100%, it is easily colored and has a high hydrophobicity.

Medical silicone is an expensive material, so the cost of silicone dolls is almost twice as high. They are more durable, wear-resistant, not so susceptible to deformation and staining, but to the touch a little harder than models from TPE. In terms of hygiene it is better to use a condom. The sperm does not affect the material. For cleansing intimate holes there comes a special syringe. After operation, clean the holes with soapy water. It is important to dry the genitals well, otherwise there will be mold inside.